Elenkhos Distribution International (EDI) is the retailer and preferred partner of Security Technology Integration company (STI), creator of specific systems dedicated to security.


GC system can detect vapor for any explosive whether commercial, military or improvised, without false alarm and within reduced time frame (8s).

Characteristics and advantages :

  • Vapor detection (« ppt » part per trillion = 10-12) ;
  • Results interpretation almost immediately ;
  • Very high level of accuracy ;
  • Real-time analysis ;
  • Light weight ;
  • Detection of common substances as well as improvised components ;
  • Simple user interface ;
  • Audio-visual « Go/No Go » alarm ;
  • Portable and desktop application ;
  • Low maintenance.
Gantry 5


The UVIS system allows inspection of the undercarriage, the most vulnerable part of the vehicle (due to difficult visual detection), in order to detect illegal or dangerous objects : explosives, narcotic drugs, weapons, illegal goods and sometimes hiding place for human carriage during border crossing or filtering in detention center.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • The UVIS system scans undercarriages automatically using pre-defined sequences or a specific program defined by the operator ;
  • View of unattainable areas (top of the frame rails…), with different angles and possible enlargements ;
  • Real time and color views ;
  • Four-axis optical lens camera, high resolution and powerful optical zoom ;
  • Possibility to access manual mode during automatic sequence and reverse by simply activating a specific control key ;
  • The control unit where the operator is posted can be located at any distance from the vehicle checked ;
  • User interface simple and easy to use: a 20 minutes session is enough to understand and be proficient in using UVIS system.