To fully meet customer’s needs, Elenkhos Distribution International (EDI) will provide the most suitable tools.

Software in use will bring clear and accurate answers, reducing the risk of uncontrolled planning and budgets.


As part of its activities, EDI has developped a software suite dealing with pyrotechnic risk management and dedicated to meet efficiently our customer’s needs.

The ARAs © software suite provides solutions to deal with the use of ammunition or/and explosives substances.

  • ARAs BLAST enables to assess the impact of a terrorrist attack explosion on a building or on the people staying in the vicinity.
  • ARAs UXO calculates an ammunition burial, whether modern or historical (following a ballistic trajectory, typically bombs or heavy shells) in any ground condition and sediment layers (rock, water, clay…).
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A video-protection software allows EDI teams to model easily any site or part of it, installing cameras to monitor « real life » effect (for both existing installation or before permanent fitting of the equipment).

Our team expertise will help you finding:

  • The best location to install surveillance cameras to achieve your objectives ;
  • Dead angles and « blank » zones ;
  • The best combination of focal length, field of view and resolution to select quickly and easily the appropriate camera ;
  • That the density of pixel is suitable to achieve identification, reconnaissance or detection (as required in objectives to achieve) ;
  • How your videoprotection system handles the various threats ;
  • The best way to reduce the number of cameras by optimizing their location.


For ammunition search purposes, EDI teams can integrate and analyse magnetic, sonar and sismic data in order to establish ALARP certificate.

This software is also fitted with graphical interpretation tools and an automatic classification tool.

It allows to draw a chart mentioning anomalies for easier interpretation and assessment on a potential pyrotechnic risk.

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