While answering your security requirements within business companies ELENKHOS experts will analyze, conceptualize, propose and implement solutions involving operational and strategical aspects in order to anticipate and solve the issues raised.

ELENKHOS’s aim is to anticipate and solve global security issues raised by its customers. ELENKHOS systematically goes through an analysis process for each case before proposing a global solution including appropriate process and equipment, taking into account the whole threat, whether physical, cyber or incidental.


  • Evaluate your organization compared to threat development ;
  • Identify risks and their consequences in order to contain them ;
  • Establish a situational analysis :

– Existing facilities and equipment ;
– Feedback process ;
– Assessment of your capability to handle unexpected events.

Suggest improvements :

– Applicable for short, medium and long term ;
– With a global security policy using a master scheme defining security governance.


As your needs will differ depending on your activity, your environment or your organization, ELENKHOS will define and adapt your security governance focusing on the following axis :

  • A comprehensive approach of the risk ;
  • Promoting the sense of anticipation ;
  • Increasing effectiveness;
  • Reducing costs.

Implementing a security governance will ensure your business activity to carry on smoothly.

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The organization you will implement requires relying on :

  • Anticipation, defining security rules (evaluate and avoid,
    mitigate risks) ;
  • Implementing dedicated actions (prevention, information, training) ;
  • Establishing an individual and collective management policy on security ;
  • Watching and ensuring security on infrastructures and information ;
  • Quality monitoring ;
  • A cross-sectoral management approach ;
  • A foresight on medium- and long-term evolutions.

Security must adapt to the evolutions of the structure it’s protecting.


Elenkhos delivers a consistent and sustainable service.

This protocol provides a real high-level expertise with a cost adapted to the customer’s needs, to achieve personal and goods protection and continuous business service.

To your convenience, ELENKHOS may or not appear in organizational charts as stakeholder of the company or establish direct connection with your customers and partners, acting as your security manager for the global security service.

For customers expecting a deeper integration, ELENKHOS can provide a part time security manager available for executive committees or any reflexional meeting in order to provide a specialist advice to support your thoughts on that matter.

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