ELENKHOS’ experts, former mine clearance divers in the French Navy, will provide all their experience in pyrotechnic risk reduction both in maritime environment and on the ground.

While relying on these experts, ELENKHOS can provide all the professional support you need and become your preferred contact to deal with authorities, engineering consultants, project managers or providers.


A historical study or UXO study is conducted to first evaluate whether a pyrotechnic pollution is existing (threat) on the project’s location, especially after a possible bombing.

Elenkhos will then conduct a threat evaluation in order to provide relevant recommendation to mitigate the risk.

Our conclusions are based on an accurate and measurable evaluation providing key factors for your project development with regards to pyrotechnic risk.

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ELENKHOS manages each project involving UXO risk to protect customer’s interest and to fullfill its requirements.

Acting as project manager assistant, ELENKHOS :

  • Proposes and provides advice to the project manager with solutions allowing decision making process in its field of competence ;
  • Acts as project manager adviser, independently of other project’s actors ;
  • Provides necessary support to the project’s manager team to define the course of action to deal with UXO risk, taking into account the project’s specificities.

In the framework of the UXO risk management, ELENKHOS :

  • Studies costs, sets a budget ;
  • Backs up project’s team ;
  • Monitors quality process and time limits ;
  • Liaises with the various actors involved (project’s management, authorities) ;
  • Validates processes before starting operations involving a UXO risk ;
  • Provides all documents related to pyrotechnic risk relevant to carry out safely the planned operations.